Belt Bag

Belt Bag

Product Details:

  • 100% leather and suede;
  • Silk screen printing on flap;
  • Fabric lining;
  • Gold-colored metal parts;
  • Round magnetic closure;
  • Adjustable leather belt; removable shoulder strap in leather;
  • Flat internal pocket.

Dimensions: 21 cm (length); 15 cm (height); 10 cm (width); 100 cm (belt); 140 cm (shoulder strap).

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The fascinating Belt Bag is a handmade product, Made in Sicily. It represents the trend of the season, which sees a return after being the key-piece of the 90s. It is part of the Baglass Collection, with a resealable printed flap and graphic designs inspired by the Art Nouveau stained glass of Palermo’s historical villas. It can be worn like a normal belt bag, like a bandoleer or on your shoulder thanks to the practical leather shoulder strap replaceable to the belt. With its bright colors and its chic and contemporary taste, it will accompany you on your occasions with great style, guaranteeing you comfort and durability. Unbeatable if it is worn with a low waist or with elegant or casual outfits.


To maintain the original quality of the product, it is recommended to avoid exposure to sources of heat and humidity. If the product is exposed to rain, dry it immediately with a dry and soft cloth in a neutral fabric and leave it in a well-ventilated area. Exposure to water, oily substances and cosmetics can stain the skin. When the product is not used, do not leave it in contact with other leather items or plastic bags but store it in the protective case. If necessary, fill it with sheets of paper to keep it in shape and leave the shoulder strap outside the case.



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